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Director/Actor SDC, AEA, SAG. Currently, Rasa is developing A CHILD IS IN THE HOUSE with playwright Scott Klavan, and writing and developing her one-person show MIMING IN AND OUT OF AFGHANISTAN.  As appointed Artistic Director of HB Studio’s Performing Ensemble for 2011, she directed Brecht’s MR. PUNTILA AND HIS MAN MATTI, and RICKHARDT, a parody of Richard III.  She directed Don DeLillo’s VALPARAISO and prison-poetry based CAGED VISIONS, as well as Shepard, Pinter, Jarre and Commedia.  In addition, her credits include work at Abingdon Theatre, Rattlestick, Cap 21, Multistages, Vital, Pulse and Wings Theaters.  She directed Shepard’s FOOL FOR LOVE for the Kamerniteatar 54 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

As company member of Emerging Artists Theater, Rasa directed numerous one-act plays and several workshops.  She is a former member of New York Theatre Workshop’s Usual Suspects, and the Women’s Project’s Director Circle.  She toured the Middle East with the Morse Mime Theater for the State Department as cultural ambassador.  She is a recipient of the USIA, American Cultural Specialist and Soros Foundation grants.  Rasa is a member of HB faculty and a graduate of Smith College.

Rasa Allan Kazlas

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