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My writing began when I joined the Navy and shipped off to Morocco.  Seasick and homesick I began writing long letters to my mother describing my adventures.  These continued letters home evolved into my life long habit of keeping a journal --the basis for much of my writing.  After the Navy I enrolled at Penn State in Geology but found my passion in an English literature class.  And, there my first poems were published in the literary magazine, “The Pivot”.

I find myself now living and writing in my LES apartment, after teaching in Alaska, homesteading in Vermont and studying at the Yale Drama School and in the Columbia fiction program.  


Finally deciding to listen to the variety of people who have told me that my voice would be great for commercial work I have begun voice over acting.  After six months of study and coaching to refine my skill and learn the business I produced three demos.  I find myself enjoying modest success in the industry.

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