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My father was a passionate amateur actor in a community theatre outside of Albany.  With his encouragement I penned a few early scenes and plays while homesteading in Vermont after college.  Based on this work I was accepted to the MFA playwriting program at the Yale School of Drama.  


Instead of finishing the program I moved to the East Village where I had my first plays produced at Playwright’s Horizons, Theater Genesis, and Ellen Stewart’s La Mama ETC.   I then began to write short fiction as well, leading me to the MFA program in fiction at Columbia University.  Shortly after completing the program I co-authored a children’s book, The Kooken.  A bit later, inspired by my Corgi, Ned, the Kooken’s illustrator and I collaborated on a cartoon series called NedToons.


Over the past few years I have refocused on play writing.  As a member of Emerging Artist’s Theatre (E.A.T.), I have had several plays produced both by E.A.T. and other theatres in New York and on the West coast.    


I have also delved into television writing—having conceived a satirical series based on American historical, and occasionally apocryphal, characters.  

Below you can view a list of my published and produced works, as well as read samples of my work. 

Published Works​

  • story, “Getting to know You”, XIB

  • story, “A Small History”, CRAZY QUILT

  • story, “Montana Fix”, AMERICAN LITERARY REVIEW

  • Children’s Story, “The Kooken”, Published Henry Holt & Co

  • story, “The Hunter”, RAVEN CHRONICLES

  • story, “Move”, TIMBUKTU

  • story, “Jeanette”, OUTERBRIDGE

  • story, “The Dentist”, THE AMARANTH REVIEW

  • story, “The Battle of Millerton”, THE QUARTERLY

  • story, “Harry and Mimi”, PASSAGES NORTH

  • story, “Julia and the Bitch”, THE PORTABLE LOWER EAST SIDE

  • story, “Crossing Williamsburg Bridge”, THE PORTABLE LOWER EAST SIDE

  • story, “Golfers in the Fog”, OUT LOUD ANTHOLOGY

  • story, “Wind Harp”, ROI FAINEANT PRESS

  • story, “Chez Jules”, RAVENS PERCH

  • story, “Home”, FRONT RANGE REVIEW

  • story, “The Invitation”, LOWESTOFT CHRONICLE

  • story, “The Battery”, ORACLE

  • story, “Bounty”, NONBINARY REVIEW

  • play, “Once Upon a Time a Man Came Out of the Dark”, NEW QUARTO EDITIONS

  • poem, “Sunday Morning”, KOSMOS

  • poem, “Columbus in His Flower Garden”, KOSMOS

  • poems, “3 Poems”, TRUCK

  • poems, “3 Poems”, PRIMER

  • poem, “On Seeing Daumier’s ‘Before Moreau’s Picture at the Salon”, PIVOT

  • poems, “Girl in History”, “Interim”, PIVOT

Original Plays Produced​

  • Oli’s Ice cream Suit, West Coast Repertory Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Oli’s Ice Cream Suit, WPA Theatre, NYC

  • An Ordinary Evening With My Grandmother, Theatre Genesis, NYC

  • Once Upon A Time A Man Came Out of the Dark, Theatre Genesis, NYC

  • Coupled, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC

  • Barnum’s Last Life, La Mama ETC, NYC

  • The Investigation of JT, Playwrights Horizons, NYC

  • Woman in a Red Dress, Where Eagles Dare Theatre, NYC

  • Washington’s Wooden Teeth, Emerging Artists Theatre, (EAT) NYC

  • Gram’s Play, EAT

  • Memory Like a Pale Green Clock, EAT

  • Bone Appetite, EAT

  • Old Flame, EAT

  • Layout, EAT

  • Cezanne On a Clear Day, EAT

  • Deceit, Theater For the New City, (TNC), NYC

  • Versailles, TNC

  • Old Flame, TNC

  • Goldfish, TNC

  • The Country Play, TNC

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